Wheat Crops



Wheat enjoys a prominent place among the food crops of the world. It is also known as the crown (or king) of all grains. The wheat plant is 2 to 4 feet high. It is grown in the temperature regions of the world. The total land area of the world where wheat is cultivated is 215 million hectares. The largest amount of wheat is cultivated in Asia while its smallest amount is grown in Africa. In the beginning, wheat plant is grass-like. Later, branches appear on it. Along each branch there are ears in which there are a number of grains which are grinded and used as food and for some other purpose.

In the beginning, wheat was a self-growing plant. Its regular cultivation started West Asian countries. The signs of its use have also been found in the valleys of Indus, Tigris and Euphrates. According to the experts, wheat was cultivated for the first time in the Indus valley of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Some other experts are of the view that wheat was also cultivated in Hwangho valley of China and in the Nile valley of Africa. With the passage of time, wheat is began to be cultivated in different countries and regions of the world and today, wheat has become the most important ingredient of human food in the world.

  • Types of wheat

There are numerous types of wheat but in terms of weather, wheat is divided into two types:
  1. Winter wheat
  2. Spring wheat

  • Suitable physical conditions:

Wheat is cultivated almost all over the world but the following physical condition is required for its proper cultivation and growth.
  1. Suitable temperature
  2. Proper amount of rainfall
  3. Appropriate soil

  • Suitable temperature:

The wheat plant grows in the temperature regions of the world and therefore, at the time of its cultivation the temperature should be (10-120C) because, the seed does not grow in the severe cold 

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