My Last Day at College its for you

My Last Day at College

  • Man is a social animal. He loves not only the people he lives with but also the place he lives in. It may be a house a bricks or an institution of education; one’s stay in it makes one love both the people and the places. He becomes sad when he leaves them. The same sadness haunted me on my last day at my college. The moment I entered the college gate, I felt churned up inside. I had a feeling that I would not be able to have the familiar look for the building and its surrounding any more. During the last two years I had developed a striking affinity with the building and every other thing that belonged to it.
  • A kaleidoscope (a constantly and quickly changing pattern) of events began to move on before my eyes. I could see myself entering the college with a throbbing heart. How I attended different classes on my first day. And then there was a flood of faces and events in which many faces appeared and many disappeared. The whole reel ended in a jiffy.

  • During all the classes that I attended that day, I was taking in every work of my beloved teachers so that I could store them into my memory for as long a time as a human being lives. I was trying to imprint the pictures of my guiding stars on the slate if my mind so that I could see them vividly in the days to come when I would actively be involved in the drama of life.

  • After the dismissal of the last class I took all of my friends to the canteen of my college. It was the place where we all had spent a lot of time. We all were very pensive. Quite often we tried to start up some conversation but the chain would soon break. I knew that like me everybody was revisiting the last two years spent in the hustle and bustle of the college.
  • Not all of the boys were in the mood as were we. Different groups of students were busy taking autographs from their friends. Some of them sparkling their pen ink on one another. Their roars of laughter seemed to echo far and near. However, on the whole there was a tinge of sadness and melancholy all around.

  • After staying for quite sometime in the canteen we decided to depart. We got out of the college gate, embraced each other with promises of being in touch and departed moving towards our homes with grim steps.

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