Children and Education BY SEERAT FRANCIS

Children and Education

The basic role and responsibility of education is to bring together people of varied languages, cultures and social and economic classes and make a part of the larger society. Education must help prepare our children to be the productive and thoughtful citizens of tomorrow. Education is the most important vehicle for maintaining and renewing personal, national, cultural and global values.

As citizens of an independent democratic country, we all share the responsibility for improving our education system. If we are going to make education work for everyone, then we need to work together with honesty and commitment.
School is the heart of community, children learn there. Schools are where children het the first exposure to education and whatever they learn or experience there, touch their lives and help shape them as good or bad citizens. What we teach in schools must reflect our values and our beliefs. The school syllabus should reflect our national, cultural, traditional and religious values and at the same time enhance students’ awareness towards other cultures and religious and instill tolerance.

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