Study about the Wonder Science and Modern Science

Some Wonders of Modern Science

“Every great advance in science has issued from the new audacity of imagination”

The present age is the age of science and much of our happiness depends on how man sues the immense power of science. We cannot imagine living without certain inventions and discoveries of science. These things have made life very comfortable and worth-living. Think of electricity, the air- plane, internet, telephone, wireless, railways, motorcars, modern drugs which have become indispensable for modern man. Science has also given man a scientific outlook which is much more important because without it, man cannot make progress.

In the past, journeys and travels took much time. Now those days are gone. The fast moving trains and airplanes are there to help us. The world has shrunk. Telephone, telegraph, internet, mobile phones and the wireless flash the news across the world in a moment. Through artificial satellites, the people of one country can see television programmers of the other distant countries. The trains, the automobiles and the aircrafts, which have shortened time and distance, are the blessings of science. In my emergency, help can be immediately arranged from different parts of the world within a very short time. In short, we are living in a global village. It can be aptly said,
“Art is I, Science is we.”
One great discovery, which has added greatly to the joy and comfort of life, is electricity. Electric machines have largely supplanted manual labor and are producing better necessities of life in great abundance and at a much lower cost of production. Electricity works our fans, lights our houses, cooks our food and does all the things one had ever imagined. If it stops for a day, life becomes static. Not only, the life of a person but the existence of a country largely depends upon its power production mainly electricity.

Nature is indifferent; rather it sometimes becomes hostile to man. It is too vast and fearful to be controlled by man. It is science which tames nature for the benefit of man. Science has played an important role in the production of food. Due to fertilizers and modern machinery, such as tractors, carbine, thresher and tube-well engine, the production of crops has gone very high. Science has come to the recuse of the poor countries that face the problems of food shortage. Now the famines break out very rarely. Medicines to kill harmful insects in fields have been invented. Engineers have built dams on revers to provide canals with water for irrigation.

One of greatest breakthroughs was made in the fields of medical science. Surgery has made tremendous progress and has worked wonders. It is now possible to operate upon heart and even replace it. Operations of eye; ear and nose are very common. It has also done miracles in the world of medicines for diseases. Vaccination has made small-pox a thing of the past. Many other diseases life cholera, plague and T.B. have been fully controlled. In the field of medicines, science has made amazing drugs and instruments. Light X-ray machines have been which can be carried where no heavy machinery can go. We have better chances of living longer than our forefathers.

In short, science is the very breath of the modern world. Not a single field of human activity is without the function of science. We are indebted to science for modern comforts of life. It has given power would not be what it is. There would be no democracy, no idea of large scale co-operation between different countries, no thought of world government.

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