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I'm student of commerce and engaged in the software programming course our nation need qualified and experience faculty for the economic development  
Name: Seerat Francis
Age: 19+
I am working Online

Intermediate continue in Pakistan
I'm severing Professionally on Fiverr
I will do work online on Ms Word
Data entry, PowerPoint, Access, Excel
I will also work on swish max and flash animation
Hardware engineering, Free lancing 
If you want to contact with me then you contact personally

About this blog?
This blog about the information about of the world that what happened in the world or what the situation is going right now so I have aim in life to make aware to people about the problems and crisis of the world so work on it sincerely. Being a part this world we have duty to make secure are nation. I wish you all cooperative with me.

                 You Cannot Serve God and Money

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