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My Idea of Happy Life

The web of life a mingled yarn, good and ill together,” says Shakespeare. Now this is quite true of our actual experience of life. We see that man was neither made to be entirely happy nor was he made to mourn and be sad always. His life is a strange mixture of joy and sorrow. Pleasure and pain go together. Notwithstanding this fact, we have also observed that ideal happiness has never been absent from the thought of philosophers and poets. Since ages, people have been striving hard to achieve total bliss and happiness.

Coming to my own idea of happy life, I would frankly admit that to me, happy life is not very idealistic. It is merely freedom from the petty cares and wants of material world. I must have enough to support myself independently. Their happiness consists in freedom to so as one likes. Without being obstructed by poverty of forbidden by authority. That does not mean that I want boundless treasures. Possession of wealth is not conducive to happiness. It rather increases one’s worries and troubles. I would have just enough to meet my normal requirements.
Self-sufficiency in worldly things, being a pre-requisite. We also necessarily require a cheerful spirit and a good conscience to be happy in the real sense of the world. A poet wrote______

“The happiness of humankind
Consists in rectitude of mind”

This is true in all cases. One cannot attain peace of mind unless one has a clear consclence. I believe that unless one attains peace of mind by virtuous living, one cannot dream of leading a happy life.
Again, life is chiefly measured by the duties performed. If we do all that duty call us to do; if we do our best in all circumstance ; if we do not magnify trifles and try to see things as they are; if we take advantage of the man blessings that surround us; if we confide in All Wise Providence and have thankful hearts, we cannot be anything but happy. As is rightly remarked’

‘The busier you are, the happier you will be’.

Some sort of seclusion is also necessary for a happy life. A man, who is entirely absorbed in the affairs of the world and has given himself up to the wild pursuits of life, cannot attain happiness of mind and body. This, however, should not lead you to conclude that by leaving the world together I want to become a recluse. A life of complete renunciation does not appeal to me at all. Tasting all pure enjoyments of body and mind, I also want to avoid of troubles that vex daily life.

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