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[Professional Qualities]
  • Availability of Plan and Organize

It is essential for a businessman to have the ability to plan and organize the business affairs effectively. He should consider all different available alternatives before making decision. A good planner can make the best decisions for this business.

  • Capital

Capital is necessary for business. A good businessman gets capital form all available sources according to the need of business because capital is a key to success in business.
  • Experienced

Experience in managing business affairs and dealings in necessary to run the business successfully an experienced businessman can earn more profit as compared to an inexperienced trader.
  • Technical skills

A good businessman should have adequate technical skill required for his business. He should have concerned specialized knowledge so that he could run his business profitably.
  • Desire of progress

A good businessman always desires to earn huge profit by expanding his business activities. The desire of progress of trader puts the business on the path of progress and prosperity.
  • Ability of Innovation

It is a common observation that modern and new product attracts the customers. A good businessman should have an ability to produce new goods according to new trends so that goods could attract the customers.
  • Coordination

Coordination is necessary for business. A businessman should able to coordinate the various sections of business with the help of employees to make the activities beneficial for business.
  • Business knowledge

A good businessman should not only have the degree in business education, but also he must have proper training regarding the process of production and distribution of goods. Moreover, he must be familiar with legal provisions of his business affairs.
  • Market knowledge

A good businessman should always have up to date market information. He should have the ability to check the market trends and demand of products. Moreover, the trader must have the latest information about his customer’s liking and disliking.
  • Social Responsibility

A good businessman tries to provide quality products at low prices to his customers. Because he thinks that it is his social responsibility to earn profit with reasonable margin.

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