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Mustafa Kamal

Mustafa Kamal was a great leader of Turkey. He is called the savior of Turkey because he prepared his nation to fight against the Allies and the Greek forces. He defeated the Greeks and liberated his country from the foreign occupation and influence. He became the first president of Turkey. The Turkish government and the Padishah were eager to collaborate with the Allies. They fought that loyalty to the Armistice and co-operation with the Allies were in the best interest of their nation.

Mustafa Kamal was sent to Anatolia to crush the rebellious movement of Kiyazim Kerabekar who refused to disband his men and continued resistance against the Allies. A strong capable soldier was required, so Mustafa Kamal was chosen to do the job. Not only all the Turkish patriots but also the friends of the Allies were infuriated by the idea of partitioning the Ottoman Empire. Turkish patriotism was no long vague and undecided. It was like a flame burning in the hearts of Turkish men and women.
Mustafa Kamal met Ali Faut, the commander of a small army corps centered on Anakara and in a secret meeting of the patriots; he sketched out his plan of resistance. They sent gorilla bands to attack advancing Greeks meanwhile they decided to build an army of patriots, Mustafa Kamal infused a new spirit in the Turkish patriots and when they heard about the advance of Greeks, they rose to resistance.

It was because Mustafa Kamal had successfully raised the National army of the Patriots. They vowed to fight against the foreign forces. Moreover, when the people heard about the advancing the Greeks, they rose to the occasion. A rebellion was anticipated so Mehmet ordered Kamal to return to Istanbul.
Mustafa Kamal refused to obey the orders of Padishah and vowed to fight till his lost breath. He sent the most important telegram to Padishah saying, “I shall stay in Anatolia until the nation has won independence”.

When Mustafa Kamal consolidated his position in Anatolia, Mehmet tried to regain control over Anatolia by subtlety. He unexpectedly agreed to summon a government pleasing to Nationalists. He suggested that the delegates of Anatolia could transfer their activities to Istanbul, put Mustafa Kamal’s ideas into practice and no longer stand in opposition to Sultan.
His plan failed because Mustafa Kamal refused to follow his command. Kamal suggested that the parliament should sit in Ankara, instead of Istanbul. Moreover he remained busy in forming a large army of regular troops, armed peasants and women for supplying arms.

The terms of peace published by the Allies were as under:
A small and helpless Ottoman Empire was to be entirely under the supervision of the Allied powers. All the Arab provinces were to become Mandated Territories. Eastern Anatolia was to be added to the state of Armenia. Around lamer was to be a large Greek district. Cecilia was to go to the French. Istanbul was to be and international center under the control of Britain, France and Italy.

The Greeks attacked Turkey on 21st of August, 1921. In the mountain country above the Sakarya River, some 50 kilometers of Ankara, the two valiant nations fought almost man to man fourteen days. Mustafa Kamal was the commander of the brave. Turks he had them so masterly that by the 4 of September, the Greeks were completely defeated.

Mehmet departed from Istanbul on the 17 st  of November 1922. A British motor ambulance drew up at a side-door to the palace where he was staying. Some baggage was brought out of the palace, placed in the car and Mehmet went on his way to exile.

Mustafa Kamal is a called a great nation builder because he liberated his country forms the foreign occupation and laid the foundation of modern Turkey. He introduced revolutionary reforms to put Turkish nation on the road of progress and prosperity. Turkish nation became strong and modern due to his social, educational, economical and industrial reforms.

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