Scientist Method

Using the Scientist Method

All of us have benefited greatly from the use of scientist method in solving problems such as those dealing with the maintenance of health, the production and preservation of foods, the construction of our homes and the improvement in communication and transportation. Not only have our ways of living changed, but people themselves have also been changed. Today we are better able to explain happenings which used to be considered strange and mysterious. Although there is still need for improvement, we are now generally less fearful than our fathers and grandfathers were. We are also more critical in our thinking than our ancestors.

This lesson should help you understand how the use of scientist method has improved living conditions and changed people. It should also help you understand how you can make better use of scientist method in your everyday living.
Better control of Diseases: If you had been born two hundred years ago, you would have had about one chance in eight of living to be one year old. In other words, in those days about seven out of eight babies died before reaching their first birthday. Suppose you had been and unusually strong little fellow and had lived through that first year. Very likely, before you were six years old, you would have had smallpox and by the time you reached the age of twelve, you would undoubtedly have had measles, whooping cough, scarlet fever and diphtheria. Even then your even influenza, once started, spread through a community. Life was most uncertain. A person who lived to be more than thirty years of age was indeed fortunate. It is unbelievable that such conditions could have existed so short a time ago. Today babies are born in hospitals where there is little likelihood of their getting a disease. Young people are treated to protect them against smallpox, diphtheria and typhoid fever. Today a person can expect to live to be almost seventy years old. In other words, more than thirty years been added to the expected length of man’s life. These changes have been made possible by use of the scientist method to solve such problems as the causes of disease and its prevention.

Better Sanitary Conditions: It is difficult of imagine what sanitary conditions in some of our larger cities were like only one hundred years ago. Into the narrow, unpaved and poorly drained city streets household garbage and other refuse were thrown. Animals wandered through the streets, feeding upon the garbage. Outdoor toilets were common, many of them situated where human wastes drained into wells form which people obtained drinking water.
Today our cities streets are paved and well drained and they are cleaned regularly. It is against the law to throw garbage in the streets. Sewage from all section of a city is carried through sealed pipes to disposal plants. Through the use of the scientific method it has been demonstrated that unsanitary conditions cause the spread of disease like typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery. Today most city governments have departments of sanitation which deep the cities clean and thereby prevent the spread of certain disease.

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