Study about the drawbacks of rural life

The Advantage and Drawbacks of Rural Life

“God made the country and man-made the town”

Writers especially poets, have always tended to glorify the life of Nature. It cannot be denied that there are many benefits of rural life. A villager wakes to breathe the fresh air from the fields, instead of the stale city odors. He gets vegetables and fruit from the fields, instead of the withered from a stall in the market. His work in the fields is health-giving and his sleep at night is deep and untroubled by noise.
During the hours of the day, the beauty of natural scenery sooths and gladdens his mind. Instead of the clamor of the rickshaws and the hooting of motor-cars, he hears the songs of the birds in the trees and the gentle murmur of the breeze. The saying “God made the country, but man made the town” shows that the excellent influence of rural surroundings has not been overlooked. For rest, peace and tranquility there is nothing to equal a life in the heart of nature.

The villagers are dependent upon climate and rains. A good timely monsoon means prosperity and happiness. But the failure of crops owing to lack of rain means ruin and devastation. But this does not dampen their spirits. Our folk songs and table show the bravery and exuberance of the rural dwellers. The gusto and excitement with which they celebrate religious and seasonal festival shows their zest for life. They are closely are related to one another and share one another’s joys and sorrows.
“The poetry of the earth is never dead”

But there is another side to the question. Since rural teachers are badly paid, there have been either no schools or very poor noes in the villages. For the some reason, the only medical men are quacks, if indeed there are any. There may be no hospital within hundreds of miles. Often there is no form of amusement at all, unless the villagers organize some simple drama or circus on one of the religious festivals. The village water supply, drawn from well, is mostly pure but sometimes it becomes contaminated by manure from the fields or other sources. Green scum-covered pools breed mosquitoes, and there are no municipal services either to eliminate this danger or to educate the villagers about the danger of mosquitoes and the malaria they bring. So, instead of enjoying the ideal health which he poets imagine, the village people often suffer from dysentery, malaria and a number of other ailments.
On the whole, the villagers are contented with their lot. Pakistan lives and will have to live mainly in the villages for all time to come. The integrity of the villagers must be preserved at all costs. To conclude, a master plan for rural development and reconstruction has long been overdue. They are an important part of culture and they must not be ignored.

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