“Leadership in telecommunication is also essential, since we are in the age of e-commerce”

E-Commerce is growing throughout the world and is being used in various between organizations for many purposes. This growth is not uniform across countries and the major share is going to developed nations. However, we cannot ignore the high potential of using e-commerce as a tool for marketing, increasing sales and having a one-to-one relationship with the customer.

For better understanding of E-Commerce, think about it, do you want to buy a CD for your child? Or to send a greeting card and chocolates? Or purchase a car? Or to buy an airline ticket or reserve a hotel room, or to do business with your suppliers? Then go online. It’s that simple? It’s all about doing business online-the E-commerce way.

E-commerce is about setting your business on the Internet, allowing visitors to access your websites and go through a virtual catalog of your products / services online. When a visitor wants to buy something he/she likes, they merely, “add” it to their virtual shopping basket. Items in the virtual shopping basket can be added or deleted and when you’re all set to checkout……. You head to the virtual checkout counter, which has your complete total, and will you for your name. Address etc. and method of payment (usually via credit card). Once you have entered all this information (which by the way is being transmitted securely) you can then just wait for delivery.


Electronic commerce application started in early 1970. During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, it was extensively used in large super markets chain. EDI (electronic data interchange) provides a standardized system for coding trade transaction so that can be communicated directly from one computer system to another without the need of printed-orders and invoices. In the early 1990’s the electronic commerce application expanded the business rapidly. It enabled small business firms to compete on a more equal technological footing without multi-national companies.

“Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is a new field of conducting electronically, using networks and in the internet. It has been defined as the process of buying and selling or exchange of products, services and information via computer networks including the Internet”
Seerat Francis

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