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“Trade removes the personal hindrance in exchange of commodities”

Exchange of commodities between individuals or groups either directly through barter systems of indirectly through any medium such as money is called trade.
It includes all the selling and buying activities either within a country or across the boundaries. In other words, trade is the whole producers of distributing of goods produced by different persons or industries to their ultimate consumers. It is, therefore, said “the trade removes to personal hindrance in the exchange of commodities”

“Trade is an activity of buying and selling of goods for money or other goods”
Tender is a person who buys goods from producers or other traders and sells these goods to consumers or other merchants. He serves like a bridge of develops a link between producer and consumer of goods.

A person or a group of persons engaged in production of goods is called manufacturer. They are also known as industrialists. They arrangements to convert raw materials into finished or semi-finished goods. They earn profit by selling their products through wholesalers and retailers in local and foreign markets.

A person or group of persons or an institution purchases a particular commodity to consume is known as consumer. His aim is to satisfy his desires and not a resale for making profit out of it. It is notable that all trade activities are performed to deliver the produced goods to consumers

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