Predicting the Content of a Book by

Predicting the Content of a Book

When we read something we always read it with a purpose. For instance, we read the front page of a newspaper to find out what the latest news is; we read a train or airplane time-table to find out when they leave and arrive, we read a telephone directory to find out someone’s telephone number.

What about books? We read books for different purpose. We need a novel for enjoyment; we read a travel book either for enjoyment or to find out about a city or a country we want to visit; we read a textbook to learn about the subject we are studying and so on, so forth.
When we go to a bookshop to buy a book, how do we know that it will be interesting and serve our purpose? So what do us so? We do not have to read the whole book to find out what it is about. We can get a good idea about the book by looking and reading:
  1. The tittle
  2. The publisher’s description about the book
  3. The foreword or preface
  4. The contents page
  5. The index
  6. The brief summary or review given on the back cover of the book


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