Study About Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur was born in quite humble circumstances, at Dole in the Jura District of France in 1822. At Arbois, he attended communal college where at first he did not show any interest in studies but later grasped his mistake and set himself in earnest at school. His family shifted to Besancon, from where he graduated and later on taught there. Pasteur was not a serious student in the beginning. He was fond of making sketches of his friends and enjoyed fishing. Later, he realized the importance of time and money and proved himself a bright student.

Chemistry was Pasteur’s favorite subject. He asked his teacher some unanswerable questions. The teacher discouraged him by saying that only the teacher had the right to ask questions. Pasteur’s love for France was so intense that he tried to enroll himself twice in the National Guard despite his physical incapacity. He offered all his worldly wealth for the country. His work on brewing proved very beneficial for France. He returned his Honorary Degree of Medicine to Germany when it attacked France.
Spontaneous generation means the production of living things from non-living. Pasteur proved it a wrong Concept. He claimed that if a substance is sufficiently heated, no bacteria would be produced in it. In 1860, the French Academy offered a prize for the solution of problem whether spontaneous generation was or was not a fact. Pasteur claimed that if was a wrong concept. Pasteur proved that if a substance be heated to destroy all life in it and if the air in contact be filtered, then bacteria so not develop in it.

Keeping of silkworms was one of the chief home industries of France. Every family set aside the best room for rearing and tending of silk worms. Their common greeting was, “How are your silk worms doing?” instead of, “How are you?” Pasteur dis covered the causes of the silk disease and suggested its cure.

Pasteur cultivated the Anthrax germs in such a way that they became weak. He injected them into the body of an animal suffering from Anthrax. The animal developed a slight form of disease first but recovered. He found out that the method protected the animal from the deadly form of the disease.

Pasteur proved that diseases are caused by germs and germs can be killed. The fame got by Pasteur motivated other scientists to try similar methods of cure other disease. In just ten years from 1880 to 1890, they discovered the germs of consumption, diphtheria, typhoid, lock-jaw, cholera and Malta fever.

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