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The Personal Qualities of Teacher

What personal qualities are desirable in a teacher? Probably no two people would draw up exactly similar lists, but the following would be generally accepted.

First, the teacher’s personality should be pleasant and attractive. We come across so many teachers who are depressed, frigid, sarcastic, cynical frustrated and pompous and students have no other choice but to tolerated or endure them.

Secondly, it is essential for a teacher to have a genuine sympathy – a capacity to tune in to the minds and feeling of other people, especially, with the minds and feelings of their students. Closely related with this is the capacity to be tolerant.

Thirdly it is absolutely for a teacher to be both intellectually and morally honest. This does not mean being a saint. It means that a teacher should be a role model for being a person of high intellectual and moral values. A teacher should also be a bit of an actor which is a part of the technique of teaching that demands that every now and then a teacher should be able to put on act to liven up a lesson or ease the stress related to class work.

A teacher must remain alert. A teacher must be quick to adapt or adjust to any situation. A good teacher must always be ready for unpredictable situation.

On the other hand, a teacher must be capable of infinite patience and this is largely a matter of self-discipline and self-training, none of us is born like that. A teacher must be pretty flexible as teaching makes great demands on mental energy. One should be able to take in stride the numerous irritations a teacher has to endure.

Finally, a teacher should have the kind of mind which always wants to go on learning. Teaching is a job at which one will never be perfect, there is always something more a learn about.

The ideal teacher is someone who is enthusiastic about the subject, is a good communicator who encourages discussion. The ideal teacher is the one who develops student’s involvement and independence and is approachable and willing to help. The bad teacher, according to the survey, dictates notes and allows no room for discussion, makes students puppets and parrots, appears uninterested in the subject and fails to listen to other points of view.

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