what's the population of world see it


  • Distribution of population in the world:

Distribution of population in the world means the number of people per square kilometer. According to an estimate, the world’s current total population is 6.20 billion. In other words, almost 40 people are living per square kilometer in the world.  Forty per cent of the world’s total land area of uninhabitable for man. Those regions of the world are more densely populated where basic necessities of life such as water, food and better climate are easily available. On the contrary the regions devoid of such facilities are not fit for human habitation; Ninety per cent area of the world’s population is concentrated in just ten per cent area of the world, while ninety per cent of the area of the world is inhabited by just ten per cent of the world’s population.
  • Distribution of population and resources in the world:

The distribution of world population in relation to the resources is uneven and imbalanced. Sparsely populated regions of the world have abundance of resources, but the resources of the densely populated areas are limited and insufficient. Thus, the world’s most populous continent Asia has extremely limited resources. On the other hand, Australia has a small population but abundance of resources. Northern Hemisphere is the abode of 95 per cent people of the world whereas; Southern Hemisphere is home to just 5 per cent of the world’s inhabitants.

  • Distribution of Population in Proportion to It’s densely:

With reference of the density of population the world can be divided into the following regions.
  1. Very densely populated areas
  2. Densely populated areas
  3. Very thickly populated areas
  4. Very thinly populated area
  5. Almost uninhabited areas

  • Very densely populated areas:

Very densely populated areas are those where hundred people live in on square kilometer. Such regions are found in Asia and Europe.

  • Densely populated areas:

Densely populated areas are those where the density of population is 51 to 100 people per square kilometer. They include the Eastern and South-Western regions of America, Eastern parts of Europe and Asia.

  • Less densely populated areas:

Les densely populated areas are those where the density of population is 50 per square kilometer.

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