Study about animal husbandry/Herding

Animal husbandry/Herding

The Urdu word for animal husbandry is “Gallabani”. It is a Persian word, which meaning tending, rearing and domestication animals. Since ancient times, man has been associated with this profession. Animals rearing was not necessary at the time when population was small, human needs were limited and the wearing of dress was not regarded as so essential by man. However, with the passage of time, as man became more cultured and rational, he started using animals for agricultural purpose and for meeting his food requirements. Human needs continued to increase with the on-going process of development and modernity.
With the help of scientific techniques and modern equipment, people living in the developed countries began raising livestock. In this way, the number of animals increased significantly and they began to be sent to the backward regions of the world. In this competitive atmosphere, animal husbandry was gradually transformed into a full-fledged industry; and now, a large number of people on the world are concerned with this profession. The things obtained from animal husbandry such as wool, meat, hides, milk, butter and cheese etc. are the important components of the daily needs of man. The rearing of animals on commercial basis can play a crucial role in the development of a country. 

 Animal husbandry id generally divided into two types:
Unorganized animal husbandry
Organized animal husbandry

Raising livestock for various purposes is one of those professions with which man has been concerned since ancient times. In unorganized animal husbandry, instead of using any particular method for animal rearing, natural resources are used.

The important regions known for unorganized animal husbandry are Saudi Arabia, North Africa, Mongolia, Tibet, Sinkiang and some regions ;of; the Russian Federation.

In this age of development, animal keeping has become a well-organized and profitable industry. Organized animal husbandry involves the raising and rearing of livestock in a particular manner, talking full care of their food and other requirements and using scientific techniques for their better reproduction and breeding.

The notable regions where animal rearing is done in an organized manner include Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Southern Brazil, Russia and South Africa.

Important regions for organized animal husbandry:
Cattle rearing are done in all the continents of the world but the following regions hold a special significance in this field due to their own resources.

New Zealand
The continent of South America
Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela (Lainos)
Argentina (Pampas)
Brazil (Campos)
The continent of North America
Russian Federation and Central Asian Independent States

India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia and China.

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