Katherine Bridges and Mr. Chips with great love

Katherine Bridges

Miss Katherine Bridges was twenty-five when she met Mr. Chips who was forty-eight. She was exceedingly beautiful. She first looked upon him as a quiet, middle aged and serious looking man.
She was a governess out of job. She rode bicycle, not very much liked by the men of Victorian times. She had advanced and radical ideas which she learned from Ibsen. Bernard Shaw and William Morris. She read them and admired them. She could be called a radical socialist. Her views were even dramatically opposed to those of Mr. Chips. She liked Chips and his profession. 
As we know, she exercised a healthy influence upon him. She was more intelligent and brainy than him. She gave him advanced ideas on education, which he demonstrated in his educational practice.
This astonishing girl-wife became very popular at Brookfield. She contributed a good deal too all school activities, matches, social activities and music concerts. She was herself a fine musician.
                                            Her life was cut short by Childbirth 

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