Since ancient times, man has been getting wool from sheep. This wool is used for preparing those dresses which protect the human body from cold. In the developed countries of the world, machines are used for obtaining wool from sheep, but in the developing countries wool is got from the sheep by means of scissors etc.
Several countries of the world have adopted this profession on an organized manner while some other countries are linked to this profession in an unorganized manner. Cold and temperate regions of the world are most suitable for sheep rearing.
For this reason, forty per cent of the world’s sheep are raised in the Southern Hemisphere while only ten per cent of the world’s total sheep are raised on Central Asia.
In all 96 countries of the world produce wool. Among them, there are 35 countries whose annual wool production is more than ten thousand metric tons.
Suitable Conditions for Sheep Rearing
o   Temperature
o   Rainfall
  • Temperature:

Sheep are produced in the cold and temperate regions of the world. Severe cold and hot weather is harmful for the growth of sheep and therefore, for the proper growth of the sheep, there must be a suitable temperature which is 15 to 27 degrees centigrade.
  • Rainfall

Regions having a small amount of rainfall are suitable for the rearing of sheep. On the other hand, those regions where rainfall is high are not considered for the growth of sheep. The regions having an annual rainfall of ten or twenty inches are regarded as suitable for the growth of sheep.
  • Types of sheep

On the basis of their breed, the sheep are divided into three types:
  • British sheep
  • Marino sheep
  • Hybrid sheep or Mixed breed.

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