Minerals and Energy Resources

Minerals And Energy Resources

In this modern age, iron ore has become very important. Iron ore is a cheap and useful metal gifted to man by God for his benefit. Even in the primitive age, man discovered to and learnt how to use it for various useful purposes such as making weapons. Tools utensils. means of transport, industrial, machines and agricultural equipment etc. Out of the 195 countries of the world, only 49 countries produce iron. Seventy per cent of the iron produced in the world is obtained from the Northern Hemisphere. Brazil has the largest deposits if iron.
According to the experts, the use of iron began in the world thousands of years ago from South Asia. The things made of iron discovered in 1873, as a result of archaeological excavations indicate that iron was used thousands of years before the birth of Christ. The iron industry began to flourish in almost 1500 B.C. when iron began to be used for making weapons, industrial machinery and agricultural equipment.
Types of Iron
  • Magnetite: 68-72 per cent iron particles.
  • Haematite: 60-70 per iron particles.
  • Limonite: 50-60 per cent iron particles.
  • Siderite: 30-40 per cent iron particles.

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