The Man Who In Hospital

The Man Who a Hospital
(Jerome K. Jerome)
The story of this person is very interest Jerome came to suspect that his liver was out of order by reading a patent liver pill circular because he realized that he had all the symptoms mentioned in the circular.
On reading a book on the treatment of diseases, he fancied that he was suffering from every disease including typhoid fever, St. Vitus’s Dance, Bright’s disease, cholera, diphtheria, gout and zymosis except housemaid’s knee.
He was not pleased to find that he did not have housemaid’s knee. He was rather hurt, to him; it seemed to be a sort of insult that he has been deprived of only one disease when he had all the other diseases in pharmacology.

His first reaction was not pleasant. He was a bit sad and sorrowful for not having housemaid’s knee. However, he got unselfish later and thought of doing without the disease.
The writer though that he should be an acquisition to the medical class because he was a hospital in himself. He had all the known disease of pharmacology and the students could take their diploma by just walking round him.
He went to his medical man and briefed him about his visit to the British Museum, his reading about various diseases and his conclusion. The doctor examined him. Thin. He clutched his wrist and hit him on the chest. Later, he sat back and wrote a prescription.
The writer thought that he was doing a good turn by going to his doctor because the doctor would get more practice out of him than out of his seventeen hundred ordinary patients with one or two disease each.
The doctor had written the following on the prescription, “I Ib. beefsteak every six hours, ten-mile walk every morning, bed at 11 sharp every night. And don’t stuff your head with things you don’t understand”.

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