The Advantages and drawbacks of rural life

The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Rural Life
“God made the country and man made the town”
Writers especially poets, have always tended to glorify the life of Nature.
It cannot be denied that there are many benefit of rural life. A villager wakes to breathe the fresh air from the fields, instead of the stale city odours. He gets vegetable and fruit fresh from the fields, instead of the withered from a stall in the market. Hid work in the fields is health-giving and his sleep at night is deep and untroubled by noise.

During the hours of days, he beauty of natural scenery soomths and gladdens his mind. Instead of the clamour of the rickshaws and the hooting of motor-cars, he hears the songs of the birds in the trees and the gentle murmur of the breeze. The saying “God made the country, but man made the town” shows that the excellent influence of rural surroundings has not been overlooked. For rest, peace and tranquility, there is nothing to equal a life in the heart of nature.
6the villagers are hard workers. Men and women both work together in the fields. Their life is a life of struggle and contentment. Therefore, they are free from certain nervous and body disorders plaguing the cities.
The villagers are dependent upon climate and rains. A good timely monsoon means prosperity and happiness. But the failures of crops owing to lack of rain means ruin and devastation. But this does not dampen their spirits. Our folk songs and tales show the bravery ad exuberance of the dwellers. The gusto and excitement with which they celebrate religious and seasonal festivals shows their zest for life. They are closely related to one another and share one another’s joys and sorrows.
                                    “The poetry of the earth is never dead”

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