Hitch-Hiking Across the Sahara

Hitch-Hiking Across the Sahara
The story of this person is very interesting the full Sahara area, stretching almost the complete width of North Africa is many times the size of Great Britain. For example, if England is placed somewhere in the desert, it will be an uphill task to find it
Christopher’s foster mother often threatened him to send him to Timbuktu if he did any mischief. Instead of alarming, this threat created in him keen desire to see this distant place. He determined to cross the Sahara desert when he became a young man and was firmly gripped by the wanderlust.
Christopher showed permit from the ear ministry to join the French Foreign Legion. That permit was cancelled later on but the lieutenant did not notice to and allowed him to travel in the army vehicle.

Ghardaia was a desert city with numerous and stickier flies. They followed the food to the mouth and remained stuck on the faces of children constantly. The children looked as if wearing a mask of flies.
The truck could not move on the soft sand. They spread iron strips to make a runway for the wheels to move on. When the truck reached the harder surface, they collected the strips and put them back in the truck.
Hantout told the story of three English men whose car got stuck into a dune. They tried to drink water from the radiator and even the oil from the crank-case. Three days later, their bodies were found dried like leaves.
El Golea was a beautiful little town with a pond of cool water and many palm trees. On the other hand, In Salah was barren with few bushes. It was fighting a battle for its survival because of sand encroachment. It did not have plenty of water either.
Professor Balanguernon was a French man. He devoted himself to help and educate the Tuareg people. He adapted himself to their habits and friend for Christopher. When the Professor could not find Christopher at the appointed place, he very sensibly realized the true situation and got in touch with the Desert Patrol. So the rescue party just in time to save Christopher’s life towards the end of hitch-hike.

While going to Kidal, the travelers had to face the greatest challenge when their water supply was hoe sown to zero. So, they had to slaughter a camel. The liquid got was a distasteful greenish fluid, like thin blood. Even the native people made faces as they drank it. Christopher boiled it and held his nose while he drank. 

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