What's your aim if life study about it

My Aim In Life
Aim is very important in life because it brings all our energies to one point. Our aim is like a guiding star. There are as many aims in life as men. Some want to be doctors, others to be engineers, civil and military officers. Some want to be poets, others to be novelists. Aim that suits the nature of man is the best for him.
I desire to be a professor of English. Teaching is not a paying profession. Professors and teachers, especially in Pakistan are lowly paid people. The reason is that the world cannot pay for their services; there are several reasons for my choice.
First, teaching is a noble profession. The best people in the world are those who teach others. To me this profession is the only profession in which a man cans see his teaches others. To me this profession is the only profession in which a man can serve his nation on the best manner. Engineers may build grand buildings, roads and massive dams. Doctors may treat the patients and may put life into the dead. Civil and military officers may boast their service to the nation. But could they be so without the guidance of their teachers?
A teacher is like a ladder, which remains at its place but helps other to climb higher and higher. So instead of being an engineer, a doctor, or an officers, I would rather be an engineer maker, a doctor maker and an officer maker. It is only the man that glorifies the nation. These men are made in the teaching institutions.

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