Pakistan Railways

Pakistan Railways

The condition so the means of transport in a country is an important indicator of its economic progress. Pakistan Railways is an important component of is means of transport Quick, cheap and safe Journey on land is possible only by means of trains. Trains are an efficient and reliable means of transporting passengers and goods from one place to another, But unfortunately in Pakistan, rail journey, gradually losing its popularity. One of its main reasons is the outdated and defective railway system given to Pakistan after the partition of India in 1947. Even after the passage of several years, Pakistan has been unable to improve this system due to its limited resources. Giving international standards to our railway system is included among the priorities of the present government.
Railway Assets Allotted to Pakistan in 1947

Railway lines 8553 kilometers (18 per cent of the total Indian railway lines)
Railway engines               (15.6 per cent of Indian Railway)
Passenger coaches          (17.5 per cent of Indian Railway)
Freight coaches                (16.4 per cent of Indian railway)

Present Assets of Pakistan Railways

Diesel engine 544
Electric engines 29
Steam engines 75
Railway lines 7731 kilometers
Railway stations 808
Passenger bogies 1909 compartments
Goods compartments 23939 

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