Electricity Project of Pakistan

Electricity Project of Pakistan

Energy resources, such as coal and mineral oil pay a highly significant role in the economic development of a country. These resources are found only in a small quantity in Pakistan. However, natural gas is abundantly available in the country. Industrial progress of the country is dependent on electricity which is an important source of getting energy. For the production of electricity, we are heavily dependent on natural factors such as water, light, bio gas and uranium etc. Work is being done on a number or power generation projects in Pakistan. Where there are different ways or methods of getting electricity. They are mentioned below

  1. Hydro Electricity
  2. Thermal Electricity or energy
  3. Nuclear Electricity or energy
  4. Solar Electricity or energy
  5. Bio gas Electricity or energy

[Hydro Electric Power Project in Pakistan and their Production Capacity]


Production Capacity
2100  mega watt
1000  mega watt
240 mega watt
20  mega watt
20  mega watt
22 mega watt
14 mega watt
                                 Chichoki Maltan
13 mega watt
14 mega watt
4 mega watt


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