Location and Geographical

Location and Geographical importance of Pakistan

God Almighty has blessed Pakistan with rivers, mountains, plains and its strategic location other gifts due to which, Pakistan enjoys an important place in Asia as well as in the whole world.

Pakistan is situated in Southern part of Asia and therefore, it is situated among the South Asian countries. In geographical terms, Pakistan is situated between 23.25 and 37.05 degrees North latitude and 50.60 and 77.57 degrees East longitude.
location and geographical importance of Pakistan 
Border of Pakistan

North to North-Eastern Border
To the North of Pakistan the state of Jammu and Kashmir, there is our friendly country the People’s Republic of China, whose border extends from Gilgit (Khunjrab Pass) to the Chinese province of Sinkiang and Tibet. This border is 600 kilometer long.

North-Western Border
In the North-West Pakistan has a long common border with Afghanistan. It is known as Durand Line which was drawn in 1897. It is 2240 kilometers long.

South-Western Border
To the South-West of Pakistan lies the Islamic State of Iran with which we have brotherly ties. This border is 800 kilometer long.

Northern Border
To the North of Pakistan there is the Central Islamic State of Tajikistan whose border is not directly linked to our country. Between the two countries, there is a narrow strip of land called Vakhan. It belongs to Afghanistan and is 20 and 25 kilometers long.

Eastern Border
India lies to the East of Pakistan. Our long border with India touches the Indian states of East Punjab and Rajastan. This border is 1600 kilometers long.

According to the statistics Pakistan’s total area is 796096 square kilometer. 59 per cent of its consisted of mountains and plateaus while the remaining 41 per cent is made up of plains.

According to the census of 1998, the population of Pakistan is about thirteen core five lac (130.5 million). The density of population is 164 people per square kilometer and the growth rate 2.61. In 2005, the country’s population was more than 150 million. The population of the four provinces is as under:

Punjab 82.7 (56.1 percent), Sindh 34.2 million (22 percent), Frontier Province 20 million (16 percent), Baluchistan 7.7 million (5.0 percent)

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