Importance of Pakistan

Importance of Pakistan’s Geographical Location
  • Pakistan is situated in a region whose political, economic and strategic importance is an all-admitted fact.
  • One of the neighbors of Pakistan is China which is one of the most important countries of the world, economically as well as militarily. In is linked to Pakistan through the Silk Route (K.K. Highway) due to which transport and commercial activities have increased.

  • Pakistan, Iran and Turkey enjoy strong friendly ties because of an agreement known as R.C.D. These three countries are linked to one another by road and rail. This has led to an increase in the activities in the activities of trade and commerce.

  • The sea port of Karachi is situated on an international sea route due to which Pakistan has been able to establish friendly ties with the western countries. Large ships carrying huge quantities of cargo pass from this area.

  • The sea waters near Pakistan remain warm throughout the year and therefore trading activities also continue all through the year.

  • Pakistan has friendly relations with all the Muslim countries and for this reason, the political importance of Pakistan cannot be denied.

  • On account of Pakistan’s nuclear capability and strategic location the western world regards Pakistan as a fortress of Islam.

  • The vast coastal area of Pakistan is highly favorable for fishing. Numerous types of fish of fish are found in this region. Besides fulfilling its own domestic requirements, Pakistan earns a sizable amount of foreign exchange by exporting the surplus fish.

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