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Human Economic Activities

Ever since man set his foot on this planet, he has been struggling to fulfill the requirements of his life. All those ways and techniques which man uses for the fulfillment of the needs and requirement of his life are known as economic activities.
All those activities which deal with the production, consumption, distribution and exchange of things are known as economic activities.

Human economic activities include all those ways and conditions which are used in different periods for leading a better life.

Division of Economic Activities
Primary economic activities
Secondary economic activities
Tertiary economic activities
Quaternary economic activities
Quinary economic activities
Forestry or

Health and education sectors banking and hotel business
Regional trade
Inter-regional trade.
Means of transportation and communication.
Research centers.

Primary activities

Primary economic activities are those by which man directly get benefit from the natural resources and nature. For instance, getting fruits, flowers and wood from the forest catching fish from the lakes, ocean, sea, river, ponds, rearing of animal, cultivation of land, exploitation of minerals reserves lying beneath the earth.

In Primary economic activities the things which are including

Agricultural, Farming, Subsistence farming, commercial farming animal husbandry, subsistence animal husbandry, commercial animal husbandry, mining, fishing, subsistence fishing, commercial fishing, forestry.

Secondary Economic Activities

Secondary economic activities are those activities by means of which, the things are obtained from these activities are molded and processed according to the needs is secondary activities. For instance making furniture from the wood, turning wheat into flour and preparing cloth from cotton are called secondary activities.

Tertiary Economic Activities

Tertiary economic activities are those in which people offer their services as government employees of for the sake of private business. Such activities include government administration, health and education sectors, banking and hotel business.
Quaternary Economic Activities

Such activities are related to trade and means of transport. Trade includes both national and international. We are dependent on the means of transport for through from one place to another. In which include roads, railways, ships and airport transport.
Quinary Activities

Quinary activities are those technical activities which are performed for public of private research and scientist progress. Such activities are going on in large commercial cities of the world and in the major national and international universities.

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