Woolen Textile Industry

Woolen Textile Industry

“Getting wool from the sheep and making yarn from the woolen fiber is known as woolen textile industry”

Sheep are the most effective and reliable source of getting wool. The wool obtained from sheep is of an inferior quality and therefore cannot be used for making yarn. It then passes through various processes after which, long fibers are separated from is and yarn is made. Sheep are the only and universally recognized source of getting wool. Sheep are found in the cold climate regions. The warm woolen clothes and blankets are used for protecting the body from cold.
Since ancient times, people have been getting wool from sheep. According to the experts, the use of woolen clothes began earlier than the use of cotton clothes.

Woolen products
Woolen products include those clothes in which hewing (knitting) is not seen

Worsted products
Long fibrer wool is called worsted wool. Low quality wool having short fibers is called tweed and is used for making thick woolen clothes.

Factors Required for the Woolen Textile Industry
  1. Climate
  2. Availability of water
  3. Energy resources
  4. Trained staff workers
  5. Availability of capital
  6. Easy access to the markets
  7. Availability of raw material

Important woolen textile producing countries of the world
Russian Federation

Important woolen textile Manufacturing countries and their production (According to 2003-04)


267   million square meters
212   million square meters
68     million square meters
68     million square meters
Russian Federation
66     million square meters
50     million square meters

Important points about this topic:

  1. Man has been using woolen garments since Pre-Christ period.
  2. The chief source of getting wool from sheep
  3. Australia is a wool exporting country
  4. The largest wool exporting country in South Africa
  5. Modern woolen industry in the world began from Britain
  6. The center of the woolen textile industry in Britain is Yorkshire
  7. This is a primary activity getting wool from the sheep
  8. Pakistan’s first woolen textile mill was built in Karachi
  9. India’s first woolen textile mill was built in 1877
  10. Wool having long fibers is called Worsted
  11. An important woolen textile center in Japan is Osaka

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