Skill textile industry

Skill textile industry

Natural silk is the name of a secretion released by a kind of worm at a particular point of time. Experts use this secretion for making silk thread and then cloth from this yarn. It is knows as silk textile industry.
Silkworm is hatched on the mulberry leaves. Natural silk is easy to obtain from the areas which have suitable climate conditions for the growth of the mulberry trees.

For producing one pound of silk, the silkworm eats hundred kilograms of mulberry leaves. The silkworm prepares silk within thirty to forty days. Silkworms grow up mainly in the climate of China and Japan. In 1884, a French scientist invented a synthetic silk known as Rayon which brought about a revolution in the silk industry.

In the tear 2700 B.C. a Chinese man named Silingshi invented the art of spinning silk and making cloth from it. In this way, China may be described Britain and the nearby countries in Europe.

The world silk production:
  • China:

China is the largest raw silk producing country in the world and can, therefore be rightly described as the real homeland of silk. There are six or seven cultivations of silk in China every year. Sixty per cent of the world’s natural silk is produced in China which has all the typical favorable physical conditions required for the production of silkworms.
  • India:

India is an important natural silk producing country is Asia. The natural silk industry India began in the sixth century A.D. It has suitable climate for getting natural silk. The availability of cheap labor and government patronage has contributed to the growth of this industry in India.
  • Japan:

Japan is unique in the world for the elegance and durability of its silk products. Although silk is a Chinese invention, yet, this industry flourished in Japan in a very short time. Japanese know well the art of hatching silkworms. Japan even exports silk to other countries. The silk fabrics made in Japan are extremely popular in the developed as well as backward countries of the world.

France, Korea, Italy, Pakistan and other countries
The Global Silk Production
According to Experts
54000  metric tons
16000  metric tons
5000    metric tons
2000    metric tons
2000    metric tons
1000    metric tons
1000    metric tons
North Korea
1000    metric tons

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