Fertilizer Industry

Fertilizer industry


Fertilizers are as important fort the soil as food for the body, petrol for the automobiles and electricity for the machines. In this modern age, fertilizers are of temperature importance because they can be used for boosting the agricultural production of land. In 1840, an expert agricultural scientist Von Liebig proved that the continuous use of land reduces its productivity. To meet the food requirements of the rapidly increasing population, it is necessary to obtain maximum production from minimum land area. It is only possible through the use of fertilizers.
  • Types of fertilizers

Natural fertilizer:
Natural fertilizer is made up of human and animal wastes and their decomposed bones after the death.

Green fertilizer:
This fertilizer omens into being with the decomposition of the trunks and leaves of trees in the earth.

Artificial fertilizer:
Artificial fertilizer is prepared by means of chemical processes which involve nutrients.
  • There are three types of artificial of chemical fertilizers:

  1. Phosphate fertilizer (PO4)
  2. Nitrogen fertilizer (NO2)
  3. Potash fertilize      (K2PO4)

At the start of the twentieth century a revolution had already been brought about by the scientific experiments in various fields including agriculture. There are only two or three countries which figure prominently in the chemical fertilizer industry. They include Germany, France and Britain. But after the World War 2, USA, Canada and Japan also made a considerable progress in this industry. This rapidly growing industry gradually spread to other countries of the world.
  • Types of chemical:

  1. Potash fertilizer
  2. Nitrogen fertilizer
  3. Phosphate fertilizer 

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